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Michelle and Matt Wilson

"Baking started as a hobby for me. I became the designated dessert provider for our family functions. I've always had a vision of owning my own bakery, but never thought in my wildest dreams that it could possibly become a reality. Once Matt and I married in 2012, his entrepreneurial spirit rubbed off on me. Matt always felt that he would become a business owner and be able to work for himself. With a big dream and very little money, we decided to step out on faith, and begin "The Southern Sugar Company". As proud alumni of, The University of South Florida, our goal for The Southern Sugar Company, is to bring Joy to our community one dessert at a time. Together, Matt and I hope to be able to partner with other small business owners to help people in our community. We pray that our story of faith, hard work, and perseverance will serve as an inspiration to everyone that you can follow your dreams, no matter your current circumstances."

​Michelle and Matt reside in Brandon, FL with their two young boys.

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